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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eight Arms and Counting?

So I was watching tv last night and yet again they had more exciting tidbits about the woman who recently had octuplets, bringing her grand total of children up to 14. 

I will choose not to comment on her decision to do so.

However, what is the deal with the media calling her, "Octo-Mom?" Seriously, everytime they say it I envision this strange creature with eight arms and little babies crawling all about her. Okay, so maybe the babies part is true, but really- "Octo-Mom?" 

Maybe she could be like a superhero- Who is it? Could it be? Dah dah-dah-daaaah! It's OCTO-MOM!!

Okay, that's all. See, I told you this blog would be totally random.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Entertain Me

I have a confession to make. I like to be entertained. And because of that, I am generally not a good person to ask for recommendations for good movies or books, because I am notoriously non-critical. I think there are perhaps less than 10 movies I have ever seen in my lifetime that I didn't like. Off the top of my head I can think of two- Crazy/Beautiful (I remember I wrote in my journal after seeing this one that I thought it was Stupid/Dumb) and Beverly Hills Ninja. So, as you can see, my taste is expansive.

I am pretty much the same way with books- take the Twilight series, for instance. I had a lot of friends who said it was too juvenile for them, and that they got all rolly-eyed at the mushy smooshy stuff. I will admit, there was mushy smooshiness. But you know what? It was fun! I never picked up the book expecting to be reading a Pulitzer prize winner- I picked it up because I like to read and it looked like a good story. I was not disappointed- it was a good story. And I was entertained.

I think that a big part of it is that I am an empathetic person, especially to authors and movie makers, because they put their hard work and creativity into something for the sole purpose of entertaining their audience. Therefore, I want to be entertained, because I genuinely want them to succeed. Who cares if the science doesn't match up (trust me, you have no idea how annoying it was watching the movie Armageddon with a guy who works for NASA! Sorry John) and if there are a few inconsistencies in the story? As long as it's not completely inane (see first paragraph) or vulgar then I'm game. Because really, it's all just about entertainment.

You may think that I am contradicting myself because of my post about The Bachelor, but I disagree. You see, The Bachelor is a reality show. If it was strictly for entertainment, I would be all for it, however, this is actually how the guy is going to pick out his wife. And I just really think it's a dumb way to do it, so I'm going to bash it a little bit. (But I'm still going to watch it because it is, primarily, entertaining).

Don't get me wrong, I can be critical if I have to be. I once tore apart a book in a critical evaluation paper for school without knowing that my professor helped write it (luckily, he agreed with my crticisms). But it's just no fun. If something is put out there for my enjoyment, then gosh darn it, I want to enjoy it. Don't rain on my parade by picking apart my latest read or last night's date movie. Just entertain me.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Losing My Best Friends

I know I'm about 10 years behind the rest of the Mormon community, but I just finished the final book in the Work and the Glory series, and I have to say- I'm SAD! I feel like the Steeds have become a part of my extended family, and I am really going to miss them. I mean, it's been 9 loooong books since the beginning back in Palmyra, and I've come a long way with them! And now I'll never see them again! Not even once I die and go to heaven because they're not real! *sigh* Yes, it's pathetic.

I often feel that way when I finish a book, or especially a series of books. The books that really speak to me the most are the ones with strong characters, because I start to think of it not merely as a book or a story, but as a person, and I start to relate to them and have almost a sense of a relationship with them. Sometimes they irritate me and I get annoyed (I have been known to verbalize my emotions out loud at times) and other times I am so touched and moved by their story that I cry. I cried for Lydia and Melissa in the Work and the Glory when their babies died. I cried for Jessie several times. And I cried for all the Saints for the many trials they endured. But just like any of life's trials, they made me feel closer to them. And I'm just really going to miss them.

I have moved on now (really, I've left the Steeds for less than 24 hours and already moved on- for some reason I feel a little bit dirty about that...) to a book called Wild Swans. It is a nonfiction biographical story of 3 women of 3 generations (grandmother, mother, and daughter) in China starting in the early 1900s. I have always found the Chinese culture fascinating, so I am intrigued by this book. So far we have foot binding, war lords, and concubines. I think it will take me some time to get to know these women, but I look forward to taking this journey with them and expanding my world view in the process.

By the way, my son read his first 4 words all by himself today. He's been learning his letters and sounds in preschool and so I decided to just see if he could sound out a few simple words- cat, dog, pig, and rat. He did it!! He got a little frustrated on some of them, so I explained to him why it was so cool to read. I told him that when he learns to read he'll be able to learn about anything he wants to whenever he wants- he doesn't have to wait for someone else to read it to him, or wait to watch it on tv. I told him a little bit about the book I started reading and his eyes got all wide. Then he said, "Mommy, I'll be able to read DINOSAUR books!!" I smiled and said, "Yeah, any dinosaur book you want!!" He was pretty excited about that. Maybe someday soon he'll open a book and make a friend, just like his mom. ;-)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why I Love to Hate The Bachelor

1. How desperate do you have to be in the first place to even go on that show? I mean, if desperation is on your list of qualities in a future mate, great, but really- there's a reason they're all still single.

2. Everyone is "in love" with him before they even meet him. I would just love- just once- to see a chick walk up to him on like the third episode and say, "I'm sorry, this has been fun but I just don't have feelings for you. I think you should send me home." Why does that never happen?

3. Because when there are 20 women and one guy the primal mating instinct kicks in, and they couldn't care less who he is or what he looks like. It's all about the competition. Trust me, I was once at an all-girls' camp that had a single solitary guy as the lifeguard. It was like a feeding frenzy.

4. And the bachelor actually thinks this is a good way to find his wife.

5. Limo confessionals- "Why can't he just LOVE me? Am I not smart enough? Am I not PRETTY enough?! I'm GORGEOUS for crying out loud! He must be BLIND! It's his loss. He doesn't know what he's missing." They should really make "He's Just Not That Into You" required reading for these girls before they go on the show.

6. My favorite was Stephanie last night- "Someday I'll go to heaven and be with my Steven again." That's right, Steph. At least someday you'll be dead. Seriously??

7. Kissing. Soooo much kissing. I really hope no one catches the flu because the whole show would tank. Just watching it makes me feel like I have the flu.

8. I love how they always make it look like the out-of-this-world dates are the bachelor's idea. Do they not notice that he's just as surprised as they are to see where they're going?

9. One word: connection. "Well, the date was horrible and nothing went right, but we really have a connection." "I liked you and all, but there was just no connection." It's all about the connection.

10. Crying. Soooo much crying.

11. At least I have a harmless outlet for all of my pent-up sarcasm that builds up during the week. Mocking. Sooooo much mocking!! Love it!