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Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Blog for My Random Thoughts

Hello, and welcome to my new blog! Why do I need another blog, you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest I get a little jealous when I read some of my friends' blogs because they just seem to post about whatever random thing that crosses their minds, and heck- I want to do that! I try to keep my other blog, The Beautiful Thrifty Life, on topic with all things beautiful and thrifty. But you have no idea the number and extent of random thoughts that I have in any given week that have absolutely nothing to do with anything either beautiful or thrifty. I am thrilled to finally have a place to ramble on about nothing. 

So for this blog, I'll just be making it up as I go. Enjoy the ride, share a comment, argue, I don't care! We'll just make it up as we go!