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Monday, February 27, 2012

Because God Has a Good Sense of Humor

I am often amused by the way God teaches me things.

Last week I went to the doctor for a sinus infection. I got a prescription for some medicine I have to take 3 times a day. Well, I was going out of town the same day, so I made sure to bring the pills with me in the car so I could take one at the right time during the trip.
When it came time for me to take my medicine, I ended up spilling some pills and one of them rolled under the car seat. My baby belly is getting in my way these days, so I decided I'd have to wait until I got to my mom's house before I could reach the pill. I was irritated about the whole spilling-the-pills thing and tired and cranky.

Well, when we arrived at my mom's house, it was dark outside and I was trying to get the kids in and I completely forgot about my lost pill. I went inside and went to bed.

The next afternoon we had a family function to attend that was about 30 minutes away, and I realized while we were there that I had forgotten to bring my pills. I was again irritated with myself, that is, until I got into the car and looked down and saw the single pill I had dropped from the night before. It had rolled out from under the seat and was waiting for me on the floor of the car.

I think it's so funny how so many times in life we can feel frustrated and disappointed by things that happen without realizing that sometimes annoying things must happen in order to pave the way for things to work out in our favor later on. This was just a silly example of that- one forgotten pill had no grave consequences in my life- but it just goes to show that things happen for a reason, usually a reason we can't see until we are far past the problem.

Thanks, God, for having a sense of humor and reminding me that you're in charge. I know you'll always take care of me, and please forgive me when I stomp my feet and get huffy. I'll try to just hush up and let you do your thing.

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