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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's the Deal With Kids Getting Off the Bus?

Schools in our county had an early release yesterday, around 11:30am, and so in my runnings-around I nearly ran over a few spacey "children" wandering the streets. Why is that?Specifically, why is it that when children get off a school bus, they think that they own the road and don't have to follow any pedestrian safety laws? 

I kid you not, I nearly ran over at least 5 teens or pre-teens yesterday. Two of them were skateboarding in the middle of the street, and looked quite surprised to see that there was actually a CAR on the road behind them. A car? On the street? That's absurd! The other three were strolling down the right lane of a two-lane road with a double yellow line down the middle where the speed limit was 40mph. They glanced up as my car approached (as I was slamming on the brakes so as not to turn them into roadkill) and simply stared as I tried to decide if I should cross over into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid them or simply park until they'd meandered around my car. Heaven forbid they actually walk on the shoulder to let me pass.

Sorry, I just needed to get that rant out. I see it all the time out my window when the bus drops kids off too- they just stroll down the middle of the road without a care in the world, and cars follow behind them traveling 3mph waiting for them to get a clue and move to the shoulder. I just don't get it. Maybe we need more sidewalks. Or maybe they should teach kids this stuff in school. I don't know! I just hate dangerous stupidity!

K, done.

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  1. It is the same way in my neighborhood. Several adults walk right there with them!